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Work and learning tasks/projects design and implementation

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Development of a learning and work task/ Project

Step 1 – Analysis of the prerequisites and general conditions Personnel requirements

– I thought about the size of the learning group in advance.  Or to which size of learning group the project must be tailored.

– I have thought about the composition of the learning group in advance. Or how it should be composed.

– I have thought about which competences and previous experience are necessary or already exist in the group. 

– I thought about which teachers, trainers or other actors should be involved.

Organizational and institutional requirements

– I defined the time frame of the project.

– I have thought about the equipment and resources that are generally necessary for the project (classrooms, laboratories, etc.).


Step 2 – Description of a scenario

– I have specified which product is to be produced or which service is to be provided in the context of the project

– I have specified who the (fictitious) client is. 

– I have specified what expectations are placed on the result of the work.   

– I have specified which general conditions resulting from the learning and working environment must be taken into account.


Step 3 – Definition of action steps, goals and contents

All decisions must (1) be made with the scenario in mind, (2) be based on the curricular requirements and (3) take into account the findings of the condition analysis.

– The chosen project is a real work process initiated by an order.

– For each phase of the work process, action steps were defined which the learners have to complete.

– It was determined which technical, social and personal competencies are to be acquired.

– It was determined which contents the learners will be confronted with during the processing of the task.

– It was determined how the intended goals should be met.


Step 4 – Determination of the subtasks

– I derived subtasks from the overall project.

– The subtasks each have action steps, goals and specific contents.

– I have considered which teaching methods can be used to implement the subtasks.

– I considered which media preparation is needed to support the subtasks. 

– I determined how the intended goals should be achieved.


Step 5 – Design of a time and work plan I have created a complete overview of the project (including subtasks, involved resources etc.)

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