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AI and automation is a particularly important topic for vocational education and training as it promises profound changes in employment and work tasks (link to the report for more information).  In addition to changed professional competencies (knowledge of new technologies, AI etc.), social competence, personal and methodological skills are increasingly necessary: creative thinking, independent work, teamwork, self-directed learning, socio ethical issues like personal data prootection etc. This raises the question of how vocational training courses, projects and modules can respond to this requirement? On the one hand, topics such as AI and digital technologies for smart production can be dealt with in vocational school. In order to also promote social, methodological and personal skills, tasks in vocational school should be as action-oriented as possible. So-called Learning and Working Tasks (LWT) can be one way of making teaching more action-oriented, combining theory and practice and thus promoting the development of learners’ skills. LWT are characterized by project-based, process- and task-oriented learning, which make use of problematic situations of professional reality.  In the following we provide 

  • Examples of (AI)projects/ working and learning tasks in VET schools 
  • a guideline for the creation of learning and working tasks. 
  • a tool for the self-evaluation of a completed learning and work task. 
  • Practical tips from teachers for teachers on how to implement AI projects/ Learning and working tasks in vocational schools. 
  • Practical tips from teachers for teachers on which competencies are necessary for the implementation of AI projects in vocational schools.
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