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Changes of occupational profiles due to the introduction of AI

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The literature on the implications of AI for work and employment distinguish between the replacement of human workers and the use of AI to assist human performance. Some scenarios provided by the authors follow.

– AI will transform work tasks, but will not make human activity completely obsolete.

– At the level of operations, the AI augments and complements human work by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of current ways of doing things. At the level of actions, AI replaces, substitutes, and automates actions that were previously done by humans, whereas at the level of activity, AI transforms the system of motives, making current activities and specializations redundant and obsolete. Occupations made up of physical activities in highly structured environments or in data processing or collection will see declines. Growing occupations will include those with difficult to automate activities such as managers, and those in unpredictable physical environments such as plumbers.

– Demand for physical and manual skills and for basic data input and processing will decline, while growth will be strong in demand for interpersonal skills, creativity, and empathy. Advanced IT skills and programming alongside complex information processing skills will also see a surge in demand. In highly automated plants, the software is the interface for all technical solutions.


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