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The Artificial Intelligence in theoretical terms

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Artificial intelligence is not a completely new topic, instead it has been occupying computer science since the early 1950s. The term was first coined during the Dartmouth Workshop on artificial intelligence in 1956. The topic has been particularly high on the agenda in recent years, as recent technological advances push the limits of what machines can do (McKinsey & Company 2018). This is particularly due to the expansion of the Internet, the availability of data and more powerful computing and algorithms. A uniform definition of what artificial intelligence is, however, does not yet exist, since AI combines a multitude of technologies. Artificial intelligence is therefore to be understood as a kind of ‘umbrella term’ (Southgate et al., 2019, p. 17).


TEXT: TACCLE-AI – Artificial Intelligence in the Policies, Processes and Practices of Vocational Education and Training


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