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AI school-projects implementation

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By teachers for teachers – Tips during the implementation of AI projects*

A list of advice and preparation steps for those teachers and trainers who can imagine to install and implement AI projects in their vocational training institutions:

Find out the possibilities and limits of the (computer) equipment at the school.

– Are there free and usable capacities in computer rooms?

– Is the required software available?

– Can the required software be procured and installed? (access rights, hardware requirements, license fees)

Find out the knowledge of the school teachers in relation to the chosen project topic.

– Are there colleagues who can support the project professionally?

– Are there colleagues who can support the project with technical problems?

– Are there appropriate training opportunities for colleagues?

Teachers should be able to realistically estimate their own workload.

– How much time will project supervision and support take up?

– Are there common free time slots for students and teachers?

– Are there binding time windows for students and teachers?

The possibilities of relieving the teachers should be examined.

– Are there possibilities of relief (hours, supervision during breaks) for participating colleagues?

The school management should be informed and involved if necessary.

– Inform school management by means of an application/copy of the project application.

– Is the school management interested in implementing the project?

– Are there any support possibilities from the school management? (spatial resources, personnel resources, financial support)

– Have supervisory and liability issues been clarified?

The financial possibilities of the school should be clarified.

– Is there a budget for projects in the school?

– Is there a support association/ circle of friends that provides financial support for projects?

– Are there opportunities for cooperation with the city/the economy or individual businesses?

The corresponding capacities in the specialist rooms must be clarified and ensured.

– Are there available capacities in computer rooms?

– Are there available workstations in the school?

– Are there free capacities in laboratories/specialist rooms/workshops?

– Have the colleagues responsible for rooms/laboratories been contacted?

– Is the approval of the school management necessary/clarified?

The question of time must be clarified by setting clear time targets and agreeing on them.

– Are the start and end of the project (duration) bindingly defined?

– Are working hours and location bindingly fixed?

The students and colleagues of the school are to be informed and involved if necessary.

– Are colleagues who could be addressed by the project teams (students) informed about the scope and purpose of the project?

– If necessary, ask colleagues for assistance.

– Are supervision and liability towards colleagues clarified?

The goals of the project topic must be discussed and agreed upon together with the students.

– Are goals clarified jointly by pupils/project supervisors?

– Is there a binding (written) definition of goals?

Binding milestones should be defined or worked out and scheduled together with the students.

– Is there a binding schedule for reviewing/discussing milestones?

– Are the deadlines met?

Regular monitoring of the project work by the teachers should be ensured.

– Are there binding common times for the project supervisors/project teams?


DOCUMENT: Virtual conference on AI and education and training



*Practical tips from teachers for teachers on how to implement AI projects in vocational schools (collected from the interviews and case studies)

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