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Ethical implications for AI

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Ethical concerns include:



Data security



Face recognition

Unreliable data



But see Stephen Downes Commenting on Mind the Ethics Gap –  And saying “Those arguing for ethics in educational operation (and I am one) have to respond to a wide array of ethical challenges, such as accessibility and inclusion, and not merely more narrow concerns about commodification, market forces and privacy (which, if I may say perhaps a bit boldly, are very much first-world problems).”


VIDEO and PRESENTATION: Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics – Stephen Downes


WEB ARTICLE: The UK Examination Debacle August 2020 – Graham Attwell


WEB ARTICLE: New York Times When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades – Meredith Broussard


WEB ARTICLES: 12 unexpected ways algorithms control your life


WEB ARTICLE: When Algorithms Give Real Students Imaginary Grades


VIDEO: Algorithmic Bias Explained


WEB ARTICLE: AI is Chaging the world – who will change AI

  • Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing our world, but the workforces behind the cutting-edge systems produced are inconceivably male-dominated. This is not simply an issue because of the lost talent of capable women; it is also a much wider problem of future technology being shaped by a small section of society with a singular worldview. If AI systems only reflect white, male programmers, will AI systems actually be useful for our diverse world?
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BOOK: Artificial Unintelligence


VIDEO: Why is ethics crucial in the development of AI?

  • Description: How can an autonomous car take moral decisions? Do we want to bring a robot in a court of law to help make decisions, if we don’t know how it reaches its conclusions? Dafna Feinholz, Chief of the Bioethics and Ethics of Science Section of UNESCO, talks about the importance of ethics when it comes to AI, and introduces UNESCO’s work toward the first legal and global instrument on the ethics of AI.
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