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Future trends and scenarios due to the coming of AI

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Despite alarming forecasts of the occupations and jobs that could disappear as a result of the introduction of AI and automation, and counter claims that the new technologies will lead to the creation of jobs, the reality may be more nuanced. It is likely that AI will have a greater impact in changing the tasks within individual occupations and jobs, with some tasks becoming automated while new tasks emerge. This is already being seen in occupations within the legal and retail sectors and in engineering. Digital technologies are also leading to the emergence of new companies acting as intermediaries between producers and consumers of goods and services (Stanev, 2020), leading to what is popularly known as the ‘gig economy’. Stanev says: “Globalisation of the economy has drastically increased competition and caused the number of atypical labour forms to grow. The expansion of these new forms of employment entails the creation of new kinds of contracts, and in many cases the circumvention of employment law, as workers are turned into ‘entrepreneurs’.”


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