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What is Artificial Intelligence?

How AI impacts on business, economy, occupations and competence requirements?

Which are the socio-economic implications of AI implementation in industries?

In which productive sectors is the AI ​​bringing changes? Which are these changes?

What changes of occupational profiles to make workers able to manage AI?

Which are the main terms and technologies used in AI

What is AI in theoretical terms?

Are there different concepts of artificial intelligence? Which?

Which is the role of data in AI? Data science, Big data and Data mining

What are Data science, Big data and Data mining?

Which skills in an AI-enabled workplace?

What will be the interactions between workers and the workplace? Which skills will be needed?

Which AI technologies already exist?

How can existing AI technologies help us work?

How can existing AI technologies help us in daily life?

What is the Future of AI?

Which are future trends and scenarios due to the coming of AI?

How work could evolve because of the coming of AI?

Does AI offer new pedagogical opportunities?

In which educational-training areas does AI offer new opportunities?

How can AI be used for the provision of education and training?

Can AI support the learning and teaching processes?

What are the key competencies associated with artificial intelligence capabilities?

What competencies are required to use AI in the workplace?

What are the ethical implications for AI?

How Artificial Intelligence could support VET-Teachers?

How could AI-oriented projects in vocational schools look like and how can such projects meet new quality requirements for teaching and learning?

How can work and learning tasks/projects be designed, including their preparation and implementation?

How can (AI) projects be evaluated, based on different perspectives and set of evaluation criteria?

How can (AI) projects be implemented in TVET schools?

Which competences profile teachers and/or trainers need?

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