Center for Action Research in Vocational Education and Training (CARVET)

CARVET (Center for Action Research in Vocational Education and Training, Italy) is a Research Center of the Department of Human Sciences – University of Verona – that brings together researchers and teachers working on or belonging to the VET system. It has the purpose of carrying out research, counseling and training in the field of vocational education and training.

The Center acts as a hub for advanced interdisciplinary research and promotes the dialogue between different methods, combining theoretical and empirical research, at an interdisciplinary level (psychology, education, philosophy, sociology, laws), adhering to qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research approaches.
Its main aims of the research are:

  1. deepen the knowledge of practical training and guidance in the context of vocational training, both
    initial and ongoing;
  2. explore group dynamics and organizational processes in management training and in educational
    and professional guidance in order to improve the operational models of intervention;
  3. investigate the relationship between learning and work contexts;
  4. study the processes involved in the training for trainers;
  5. investigate the conditions to make Teacher Education, especially within the VET system, more
  6. study the different education and training systems of the second degree, at regional, national and international level, in particular with regard to the relationship with the labor market;
  7. understand the emerging issues involving the Italian secondary school level, in the two segments or “systems,” that is to say, the Education and the Vocational Education and Training (VET);
  8. compare the regulatory, evaluation and educational system of VET with the general system of Education;
  9. explore the issues related to vocational education and training (VET) in the National and European context, the implications (educational, social, legal, psychological) of policies and practices in education and training in different contexts;
  10. design and implement interventions research that converges on VET systems at a local and
    international level.

The Center aims to promote advanced training courses (Master of first and second level), seminars, conferences, study days on issues of interest and its objective is to establish relationships with other research centers, public and private associations, nationally and internationally, to enable collaboration in the field of research and to share information, databases, etc.

Dirk Stieglitz