AI in VET conference

What effect is the emergence of artificial intelligence having on vocational education and training? What does AI mean for the future of training courses and the skills needed by learners? And how does all of this affect educators and trainers?

Join us for the AI in VET conference on Wednesday 8th December, 9:30 - 11 UK time, as we present the results and findings of the Taccle AI project - Improving skills and competences of VET teachers and trainers in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

With guest panelists Sophia Roppertz and Gorka Roman.

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What is AI today, may not be so tomorrow

Creative Commons have set up four working groups on the Future of Open which have just reported. The working groups are

  • Artificial Intelligence and Open Content
  • Internet Platform Liability
  • Exception and Limitation to address Global Challenges
  • Beyond Copyright: the Ethics of Open Sharing

The Key Findings are being presented on 9 November at 1530 UTC and  copies of the Working Group reports can be found on the Creative Commons Medium channel.

I have only read the report on Artificial Intelligence and AI so far. Its interesting particularly as they try to define AI to ascertain its potential copyright status. The following excerpt gets to the heart of the issue.