We have produced several podcast episodes for our upcoming MOOC. One episode (german MOOC) is about: What is a MOOC? And what is special about the Taccle AI MOOC?

🎧 Podcast #2 [GER]  👉 Click here 

In Europe one of the biggest MOOC providers is OpenLearn, with the UK Open University
leading a consortium of educational providers, which they claim attracts more than 10 million
visitors each year from around the world. There has been and continues to be discussion over
pedagogic approach to MOOC design, with advocates of so called cMOOCs emphasising the
active contribution of participants, using digital platforms and technologies, while so called
xMOOCs, for example from Stanford University, are more focused on the transmission of
knowledge. MOOCs have mostly been confined to the academic sphere, but
now MOOCs are increasingly being used for professional development, for instance by companies
like Siemens and Microsoft.

MOOC providers/ platforms:





…there are many more!


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