TACCLE-AI Toolkit is online!

TACCLE-AI Toolkit is a multi-language knowledge-base for educators.
It is a guide for teachers and educators to understand different aspects of VET education transformation in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

In the first part of the toolkit, you will get information about what AI is, which AI-based technologies exist and what role they play in the educational context. This part is particularly suitable for those who have little prior knowledge about AI.

In the second part, you will learn more about the social, economic and ethical impact of AI use on society and especially on vocational education and training.

In the last part, we show with some examples what possibilities there are to deal with the topic of AI in vocational education and training.

In the three sections we have compiled numerous resources on the individual topics for you. You can also search directly for specific topics using the search function and the FAQ.

Look for it in the menu of this site and enjoy it!

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