Amritha R Warrier & AI4Media / Better Images of AI / error cannot generate / CC-BY 4.0

Open AI launched its latest product – GPT 4o – yesterday. Its difficult to tell from a demo but it seems to be faster model of GPT4 with new audio capability, improved quality and speed of ChatGPT’s international language capabilities, and an ability to upload images, audio and text documents for the model to analyze.

It may have much more capability as a tutor – or more likely as a personal research assistant. As MIT Technology Review says the big pictureis, the company’s demonstration suggests, “a conversational assistant much in the vein of Siri or Alexa—but capable of fielding much more complex prompts.” But none of this is game changing. What is new is the business model. Although the increasingly outdated ChatGPT, based on GPT3.5 is free to users, ChatGPT4 which is the basis for the new model, costs 20 Euro a month. Now this is being provided for free. And for education which is concerned with access and equity allowing all to participate free use is a game changer.

Of course we have to wait to try it out. And there are still issues about the accuracy of what it returns. I enjoyed this this “hallucination” from Benjamin Riley quoted by Gary Marcus in his newsletter, Marcus on AI, this morning.

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